FAA Approved Flight Instruction and Other Services

SVN Aviation, operating out of Foothills Regional Airport (KMRN), offers a superb, safe and convenient process to discover the rewards and joys of flying. The airport's facilities include a complete inventory of pilot training supplies, modern computers, pilot's lounge, conference rooms and other amenities for professional flight instruction.

SVN Aviation owns and operates a FAA certified and approved, IFR equipped Cessna C-172 based at KMRN. Here is a list of flight training cirriculums offered:

Flight Curriculums and Services Provided Include:

Tail Wheel
Sea Plane,
Multi Engine
Mountain Flying
Aircraft Ferry
Aerial Photography

FAA Certified Flight Instructors that use the SVN Aviation aircraft: 


Brandon NeSmith
Bradley Bormuth
Mark Bennett
David Barbour
Mac McMillan
Bill Dobson

 New TSA and FAA policies affecting foreign pilots training in the US were implemented after September 11, 2001. A letter of verification from the FAA is now required for pilots holding a US certificate based on their foreign and for pilots seeking a foreign license conversion.  This process takes 45-90 days and the letter is only valid for six months.  The verification letter can be emailed or faxed to the requested FSDO or to the training facility designated by the pilot. German pilots, please note that the letter of verification MUST verify your medical.  This also pertains to any country that does not verify the airman’s medical.  If the medical is not verified on the letter of verification, you must obtain an FAA medical prior to the ASES rating or license conversion.  Foreign pilots seeking the ASES rating must also meet the foreign pilot flight requirement hours.


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